LINC 2019 ELARD CLLD seminar

Thursday, 12 September
16.00-18.00 in Strand Spa & Conference Hotel This is a seminar organised by the European LEADER Association for Rural Development (ELARD), with the primary goal of introducing the application of the LEADER-method in using various European Union structural funds, particularly the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund. The seminar will introduce research conducted by ELARD on the application of multifunds, more specifically focusing on the application of these funds in other EU countries, the success stories and the main added value. The seminar will also address the possibilities of applying the LEADER-method in urban areas and enhancing the coherence between rural and urban areas. The purpose of the seminar is to give the audience information about planning the forthcoming LEADER/CLLD program period. The topic is relevant, because in the new period it will be possible to use various funds for LEADER-type activities, which in turn will allow better planning and supporting of rural tourism. In addition, the seminar will give the local governments in the Pärnu region and officials from other Estonian ministries a chance to join the LINC guests, to meet up and listen to topics related to the future of LEADER. Programme
16:00–16:20 Introduction of the results of the ELARD European-wide research regarding added value from using the resources of the European Regional Development Fund and Social fund – Kristiina Tammets, Vice President of European Leader Association for Rural Development, ELARD). 
16:20–16:40 Planning the future of European CLLD/LEADER and involving different funds – messages from DG Agri (title to be confirmed) – Karolina Jasinska, European Commission, DG Agriculture and Rural Development. 
16:40–17:00 Main standpoints and conclusions of the European Committee of Regions Opinion “CoR’s contribution to the renewed Territorial Agenda, with special emphasis on Community-Led Local Development” – Radim Sršeň, European Committee of Regions, rapporteur of the opinion. 
17:00–17:15 Austria’s experience in applying the LEADER-method with the support of the Regional Development Fund and Social Fund. 
17:15–17:50 Panel discussion “Future of LEADER/CLLD – challenges and opportunities”Panel discussion participants: Karolina Jasinska, DG Agri; Radim Sršeň, European Committee of Regions; Valdek Haugas, Estonian LEADER Association, Mikk Pikkmets, Pärnu Bay Partnership; representatives from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Social Affairs (to be specified). 
17:50–18:00 ConclusionsThe seminar and panel discussion will be moderated by Kristiina Tammets, Executive Director of the LAG Tartu County Development Association and Vice President of the European Leader Association for Rural Development, ELARD.